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The Bakso Revolution

Bakso source the finest MENS and WOMENS t-shirts in the UK then work with designers to bring you truly unique garments

by acid
face E.T. BIOTCH rainbow
by Teni
monkey beauty 2 Joe
by RuaDos
PIZZA EXPRESS a TEARFUL slash a dose of her own venom
by Teni
monkey beauty 2 Joe

Designer spotlight

Image recycling soz lol pretty balloons


I like to doodle, joke and doodle some more


Worn with pride

We’re a rebellion against mass produced t shirts.

Our endeavours are a reaction to the bland economics of big business. We felt the frustration of a market dominated by high street retailers and believe that consumer choice shouldn’t be limited to identical shirts squeezed into racks or carelessly piled upon creaking tables.

We aim to help consumers reclaim their identity from the monotony of production line design – while also giving artists a new platform from which they can freely express themselves and share their bold and exciting creations directly with the public!